Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Wednesday, 18 March 2015
The name of this product is so obnoxious. It's good but it's not amazing.

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray - £5 (link) I have oily/combination skin and I love using liquid foundation so I have to use powder. However I don't like how heavy powder can make my face look tired and flat. This setting spray is good for revitalising the face and getting rid of the overly powdered look that I hate and it adds a little dewiness to the skin which is a huge pro for me. I've also noticed that this spray does help my makeup last a little bit longer as when I use this my makeup look fresher for longer. The spray is really easy to use, I just follow the instructions; shake well before use, hold about 8inches away from the face and spray a light mist.  

Now I have noticed a few not-so-good things.  This setting spray does not help at all with shine or oily skin issues and I have to touch up my t-zone throughout the day. I'm also going to slide in that I don't like the packaging. The white, gold and black combo is probably supposed to make the product look more expensive that it is, but the cheap label stuck to the bottle isn't fooling me.

There are two things that don't bother me but might bother someone else: If I apply this after I've put on mascara, my mascara ends up everywhere so I make sure to spritz my face first and then apply mascara as my very last step. It's not a big deal but if anyone is strict about the order that they apply their products, you may find this annoying. Lastly, the mist has a slight alcohol smell that also smells slightly medical. It doesn't linger and it's barely detectable but it may but some of you off or irritate sensitive skin. Again, these little issues don't bother me at all but I couldn't not let you know. We don't keep secrets over here.

Pros: Gets rid of the super matte and flat over-powdered look, helps makeup last a little longer, easy to use, the price.
Cons: Doesn't help with oily t-zone business, packaging looks as cheap as it is.
(+ causes mascara to run and has a slightly medicated scent)

Overall, this does the job well, but it's not amazing.
Have you tried this fixing spray?
Thanks for reading, xo.

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