Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Review: Wackier than a Coconut!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Pssssst! Hey!
Hey you!
Wanna know a secret?
I've discovered that magic exists.
I promise, magic is real.
Let me show you what I've found...

Coconut Oil is life's secret magic power, a gift from Mother Nature to us,
her children, to enable us to have silky smooth hair and skin.
See how it says 100% coconut pure coconut oil on the bottle?
Yeah, well, that's a lie.
This bottle actually contains Sweet Almond Oil as well, but fear not, I have
tried Coconut Oil on it's own (before I bought this one) and the results are
exactly the same.

The oil itself comes in a solid form which is white in form, which I physically
cannot show you due to the shape of my bottle, but here's a nifty photo courtesy of
That up there is what you should expect.
It's solid, white and looks a little daunting upon first look.
If you buy a pot or a tub, you can stick your fingers into the product and see how it
melts upon skin-contact into a translucent oil.
If you end up with a bottle, like I did, you can just sit on it, like I did, to warm it up
and it melts like a dream. Or alternatively, if you find sitting on it a bit weird,
you can stand it on your radiator - provided that the heating's on - and that
will also work. Or perhaps you could stick it in the microwave for 30
seconds? I've never tried that, but let me know how it goes!

Yes, so, once the oil is melted, simply proceed to spread it wherever you choose.
I use it in my hair, mainly, as the particles are easily absorbed into my straw-like 'fro,
to smooth away crispy ends and any fly-aways. My feels really soft and the scent of 
the oil is barely detectable.
On my skin, I use it as a moisturiser and I swear to you nothing keeps my skin smooth and
supple like this does. Real, genuine, 24h moisture at its finest.

Note: Although this is a lightweight oil, you can over-do it. So go for the usual small amounts
at a time until you get the desired effect. 

As I've said, this stuff is actual magic. Move over Harry, I don't care if yer a wizard.
Plus it's really cheap. I bought the bottle pictured for £3.99, though in my local corner shop, I
saw coconut oil on sale for £1.69. You can't beat that with a stick.
You can purchase it from your local health shop, for definite, but it's worth having a look in Tesco and Sainsbury's etc. as well.

Let me know if you'd like a step-by-step guide or tutorial on how I use this
product in my hair routine!

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. I've heard such good things about coconut oil! My hair is dry as hay and I'm a recent convert to the joy of coconuts so I might have to give it a try! xxx


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