Friday, 29 March 2013

Spring Nail Faves!

Friday, 29 March 2013
It's what it says on the tin, folks!
These are my favourite shades - so far - this Spring.
I say "so far", because it's barely Spring, really.
No matter how early Easter has come round this year, it's still Winter mode with
all of this snow and freezing temperatures!
But anyway, I've put some colour in my life whilst I wait listlessly for the
daffodils to rear their beautiful heads!
This is also a cheeky, sneak-preview of my March favourites as well, as
some of these beauties have definitely made the cut!

(L-R) Rimmel I  Lasting Finish in 050 Tangerine Queen
Sinful Colors Professional in 854 Boogie Nights.
Tangerine Queen is a lovely, soft tangerine which I'm crazy about, however
this is the old formul. Rimmel have brought out a new shade which has
the same name, though I promise you that it's not the same colour!
The new one is a lot more pastel than the one pictured.
Boogie Nights is a fantastic, almost neon coral colour, though it does need a few coats
for complete opacity. Which is a shame because it's gorgeous!
(L-R) Look Beauty Nail Pop in Grape Juice.
Sinful Colour Professional in 940 Rise & Shine (Matte)
Grape Juice is a stunning lavender colour that I love more than I expected to!
My lighting (i.e. the sunlight) is really dodgy today and even with lots of fancy editing,
this is as true-to-colour that I could get this picture I'm afraid, though Grape
Juice isn't too far off.
Rise & Shine however is really green in person, though is showing exceptionally
aqua in photos - and I tried different shots and angles all around the house.
As soon as I'm done with my current mani (which is not-so-coincidently Grape
Juice), I'll feature this in a NOTD post as this picture does not to it
justice at all!
(Rise & Shine is cheekily photo-bombing!)
NYC 296 Waterstreet Blue is a gorgeous, warm-toned blue that
really reminds me of clear skies in Summer time, which I think is why I'll
be reaching for it very often this Spring/Summer as even just looking at it
begins to thaw the winter chill in my soul.

These are the colours that are tickling my fancy this season!
What colours are you loving this Spring?
And Happy Easter!
Thanks for reading! :)

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