Friday, 21 March 2014


Friday, 21 March 2014
Oh God, here we go...
Obviously I was less than impressed to find out there is so much perfume in this month's box, that there needed to be a whole verification sticker on the front of the box for it to clear shipping. Or whatever. Great. But actually, March's box isn't too bad, even though it only values at about £20-£25. Not great, but I've definitely seen worse; January 2014 for example.

Mitchell and Peach Body Cream
Upon first opening and using this stuff stinks, but thankfully the smell fades. The cream itself is really nourishing and moisturising and I've really enjoyed using it, actually. This product is made up of a bunch of fancy ingredients including; sweet almond oil, Shea butter, honey, cocoa butter, vitamin E, Lavender oil (stinky culprit number 1), rose extract (stinky culprit number 2), vanilla extract, sweet violet extract, coconut oil, ylang ylang oil, and palmarosa oil. What a mouthful, crikey. On the back, it also says that the cream is free from parabens, SLS and synthetic colouring, which is another bonus. 

Dove 60 Second Treatment Shot
I generally loathe those kind of samples. The packaging ticks me right off and the products themselves never see, to make any different to my hair. I'll give this one a try but I'm not expecting great things.

Bellápierre Shimmer Powder in Excite
This is basically a white, iridescent loose pigment, which I'm not gutted to see, but I already have an Illamasqua pure pigment (link) which seems to be in the exact same shade. But it's not too much of a loss, I suppose I can never have too many white, iridescent eyeshadows.

Sleek Pout Polish in Bare Minimum
This had so much potential but the shade is a little too light for me, thank god it's too opaque so I can still get away with it because I love these Pout Polishes. This is my beef with Glossybox though, a lot of the nail varnishes and lip products I receive are too light for me to use. I know they have to cater to the majority, but it's still fucking irritating, enough so that it's pushing my decision to cancel my subscription. 

Juicy Couture Malibu Collection
Pink - Couture Lala Orange - Juicy Couture
Glossybox have been really generous with the perfume samples lately and to be honest, they can stop now. Couture Lala notes; "sparkling mandarin notes are highlighted with sweet pink sugar"; Juicy Couture notes; "whimsical pink passion fruit merges with fresh sparkling jasmine". Okay first of all I don't like orange scents, nor do I like jasmine. So that's the end of that. Couture Lala is more my preference because it's sweeter than the Juicy Couture one, but I don't particularly like either of them.

Black and Green's Milk Chocolate Mini
I got an extra treat this month because I've been subscribed to Glossybox for a year! Which is crazy, considering I bitch and moan about it so much, haha. But thank you very much Glossybox! Fortunately for everyone involved however, I have collected enough Glossydots (you earn these points every time you review a product from the box on the Glossybox website) for two free boxes! So stay tuned for a couple more of these overviews.

How did you like your box this month? Are you thinking of subscribing to Glossybox? 

Thanks for reading!

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