Saturday, 31 May 2014


Saturday, 31 May 2014
Oh hey, look, another disappointment!

I was literally buzzing with excitement when I read that Glossybox had paired with Superdrug this month, in celebration of Superdrug's 50th birthday as I know the promotional stuff has been awesome, so I was willing to dismiss the fact that everything from the box would be from Superdrug.
However, not a single item was from the limited edition promotion. Not one. Instead, it's just a bunch of products from Superdrug that I could easily pick up myself which is not what I'm subscribed to Glossybox for. With that being said, I've included prices in this post so if anything appeals to you, you can pop in to your local Superdrug and grab it yourself.
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara.
I loved the idea of this collection, the retro makeup really appeals to me even if I'm not skilled enough to recreate it yet, but nothing in the collection stood out to me. And the Rimmel needs to stop re-promoting this whole scandal eyes thing and come up with a new concept, I'm just saying. In light of this, I don't like the wand on this guy, it's one of those chunky ones that are far too big for the precision that I need.

Gosh Velveteen Eye liner in Violet
The only product that I'm moderately interested in. A dark purple eye liner. It's a pretty smooth jobby, I'll give it that, and the colour isn't bad. I'm just not leaping for joy.

Doughnut Ring.
I shaved my head two months ago, I have no use for this.

I love Cosmetics Shimmery Lip gloss
I don't like lipgloss as it is, and I really don't like shimmery products on my lips, so this is an automatic no thanks! Unlike most products from the range, this doesn't even smell that nice? And don't even get me started on the RRP... The whole concept and price of this reminds me of my 8-year-old, school-disco-attending days and whilst an 8-year-old me would be thrilled at the sight of this, 20-year-old me is largely apathetic.

Blow Pro After Blow Strong Hold Finishing Spray
I guess I can't complain about hair spray, as it is pretty handy. However this stuff smells really alcoholic so I'll need to crack a window open whenever I use it.

Left: I love Cosmetics Shimmery Lip gloss. Right: Gosh Velveteen Eye liner in Violet

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam Mascara.

As if Glossybox knew they were fobbing us off, they included two "bonus" items. A foil packet and a perfume sample. Oh the joy.
Ghost Eclipse Eau de Toilette
I don't particularly like Ghost perfumes so I was obviously thrilled to see this in my box. It's not the worst of Ghost's offerings but it's floral and musky and I'm not a fan.

Garnier Oil-Infused Nourishing Lotion
Everyone is going nuts for this, so I'll  definitely give it a try to see what the hype is about. I just wish this wasn't a foil packet! It's too messy to try and get more than one application, but how am I supposed to try it out enough times to know if I like it? Blergh.

So all in all, another shite box. What pisses me off doubly is that other people got decent boxes! Adrienne at The Sunday Girl, for example, had a really good box with actually useful products and I just feel frustrated at once again having received a bunch of products that I can't use!
But alas, this is my last Glossybox. I really wanted to go out with a bang, instead of this fizzle, but there's nothing I can do about that. So thanks for a year Glossybox, it was nice knowing you!

Before I end the post, let me make this clear; I don't have a problem with any of the products in general, as in I'm not giving any of the products themselves a bad review, just the fact that these products were included in a beauty subscription box that is supposed to include luxury items. There's nothing luxury abut a doughnut ring. 

I'm quite saddened actually as I feel that the quality of Glossybox has gone down over the year. But, if anyone orders any Glossyboxes in the future and receives amazing products, let me know! You never know, things could be good again.
Thanks for reading :)

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