Saturday, 22 November 2014


Saturday, 22 November 2014
Concealer and I don't generally get along, but of course Sleek has answered all of my concealer prayers.

I've always the hardest time with concealers because I'm so picky about finding the perfect shade match, so I've just stuck to using an extra bit of foundation on any blemishes that I want to cover up. For under eye concealing, however, I've never really understood the magic of finding that perfect product that conceals, brightens, hydrates and doesn't budge. Until I snagged this beauty in Superdrug.
Sleek Luminaire Highlighting Concealer in 05

Packaging: The concealer comes packaged in a typing highlighter pen form, with a clicky button at the end to release the product. The only gripe I have against this is that I won't know that I've run out of concealer until one day I'll click and nothing will come out of the tube! The pen is very aesthetically pleasing, though, will Sleek's trademark sleek packaging; the pen is all matte with the brand's logo on the end in a glossy text.
Sleek Luminaire Highlighting Concealer in 05

Coverage & Finish: This liquid concealer is beautifully creamy as is easily buildable from medium coverage to full coverage, depending on what you need to conceal, and blends out beautifully. It dries down to a nice, semi-matte finish, pretty quickly as well so I find I need to blend fast to get the finish I want, which is fine really because I hate when doing makeup takes forever. 
Longevity: As far as wear time, this guy gets top marks as there's no slipping or sliding anywhere once it's on, however towards the end of the day, perhaps the 6-7 hour mark, it does start to crease a little along my smile lines even though I always set it with powder. 
Scent: I've included scent as I've noticed that there is a very slight, almost undetectable scent of wax whenever this product gets a little too close to my nose, but it's nothing unbearable and certainly not a deal breaker.

Sleek Luminaire Highlighting Concealer in 05

Shade Match: As you can see, the concealer is a few shades lighter than my skin but holds beautiful golden hues that match my skin tone perfectly. I said before, it really does blend out beautifully, which you can just about see in the photo, and I generally gravitate towards my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (the best foundation brush ever) to buff out any harsh edges. 

If there's any dark-skinned girls looking for a highlighting concealer that isn't too stark against their complexion, try this one out because I personally love it. 

Where to buy: Superdrug & for £6.49.

Thanks for reading, xo.

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