Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Wednesday, 21 January 2015
I've never really been the type to collect fragrances or perfumes, but as I'm getting older (lol) I really understand the merit of smelling good. There's no better compliment, in my opinion, than someone commenting on you smelling nice as it highlights that you take care of yourself and that you take pride in your personal hygiene. And obviously why wouldn't you want to smell great? I don't have many perfumes, but out of the handful or so that I own these are my go-to, die-hard favourites.
Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj: I love celebrity fragrances; they're affordable and often smell great. Pink Friday smells exactly how you'd expect it to, given the name; it's sweet, sugary and fun. There's strong vanilla notes as well which adds a lightness to the intense sweetness which makes it perfect for day time wear. (link)
Dot by Marc Jacobs: This perfume is the perfect balance between fresh and sweet, with the tiniest hint of musk which adds a certain sophistication yet doesn't obscure the sweetness. I wear this one during the day or at night, depending on how I feel. It ticks all the boxes; sweet, musk, fresh; but it's not overpowering. If you're looking for a classy scent, I'd recommend this one. (link)
Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent: Admittedly I only got this perfume for Christmas, but I cannot stress how divine this perfume is. The top notes are intense blackcurrant and fruit, but as this perfume dries it morphs into this incredible cocktail of sweetness and depth which is unlike anything I own. The coffee and vanilla notes really come through in a combination that is sexy and sensual. (link)

What are your favourite perfumes?
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  1. I had Dot by Marc Jacobs, it smelt nice but it never really lasted all that long :(
    Although you've really intrigued me with the Black Opium - I'll have to give this a whiff next time I'm in a perfume aisle!

    Jamie xox Reaping Beauty

    1. I find that I do need to top up when I wear Dot which is a shame because it smells amazing. I love Black Opium, obviously haha, I hope you like it as much as I do! :) xo


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