Thursday, 24 January 2013

Review: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Thursday, 24 January 2013
A long, long time ago I blogged about Maybelline giving away free sample of the foundation from the highly anticipated Fit Me range. After lots of bitching to no one about how long the delivery was taking, I ended up with two samples! (Im)patience is a virtue and all that ;)

This foundation comes in 12 different shades and I am in the shade 355 Coconut.
There's a handy little questionnaire on the website to help you find your shade, but I just ran into Superdrug for a quick swatch. Foolproof!

I always find it difficult to get an exact match for foundation as shades for darker skin are always too red.
However this is a perfect match for me, as I have yellow undertones and this is exactly that. I'm not sure how much of a gimmick the whole 'moulds itself to fit your skin tone' is, as even from just looking at the tube I can tell it's yellow-toned as opposed to red-toned.
The gel formula really is as light as a feather and blends seamlessly into the skin. With this consistency I'd love it as a summer foundation, though I know I'm going to need something darker once the sun makes a show-stopping appearance.
I didn't want to blend it all the way in as I wanted the foundation to still be visible; it virtually vanishes if I blend it in completely - bonus for me, so not great for readers who need to see it!

In terms of wear; I have a combination/oily skin so I need a good primer underneath this to get it to sit tight for any length of time. And despite my face being armed with primer and having strapped the product down with translucent powder, this foundation doesn't last very long on my face at all. Boo. 
For example, I applied it four hours ago and I can't see it, can't feel it. It's all but gone!
Which is a shame as we could have got on fine and dandy :/

I've read so many mixed reviews on the entire Fit Me range and it sucks that they've stopped the Free Trial promotion as I'd be really pissed off if I had bought this full size.
Like I said, the colour match is amazing (for me) but it just doesn't last long enough on the skin.
Sorry Maybelline!!

Have you tried it? What do you think?
Thanks for reading! :)


  1. I received the sample after agess of waiting too and I fell in love with it! I recently bought the whole range aha xx

    1. No way! Lucky you, I guess! Haha. I'm thinking about trying the concealer for under my eyes though. Maybe, haha. :) xx


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