Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Tuesday, 1 January 2013
I bid 2012 adieu and welcomed 2013 in style & managed to lose my voice in the process!
I'd say that's a sign of a good night ;)
But holy smokes, it's January again!
I'm really excited to grab life by the balls this year, and get loads of out it. 
And in order to make sure I do that...

New Years Resolutions 2013!
1. Travel more.
I travel a lot between home and uni, but I've lived in England for 19 years, and I've barely seen any of the country. I'd love to spend more time in places like London and Manchester, as well as the other countries in the UK.
2. Work & Save
I've coupled these two together as whilst it's all good and well working, I'm not gonna get anywhere if I don't save meticulously. I really want to work in beauty retail, but we'll see.

That's all really. I don't have many because I'm not really one of those "lose weight/eat healthy" types, nor do I have loads of changes that I need to make. I'm lucky; I'm pretty content.
Though, of course this post wouldn't be complete without some;

Beauty Resolutions!
1. Wash my brushes more often.
Seriously, I've gotten in to a really bad habit of not washing them often enough and it's getting crazy.
2. Stop buying eye shadow & nail varnish.
Honestly, every other product is fine, but I have an unhealthy addiction to these two. It's always; "Ooh, I haven't got one that's quite the same shade." No, Janelle. Stop. I might do a 100 days spending ban on these.
3. Be less lazy with skincare.
I have combination/oily skin and I bitch about my oil-slick of a t-zone all the time, but I don't really do anything about it. It's time to change that!

Again, short, simple and achievable!
At the end of the year I'll go back to this and see how many of them I actually keep up :P
If you have a post similar to this, link it the comments section; I'd love to read your resolutions!

Thanks for reading :)

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