Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Fayres are Spectacular.

Friday, 30 November 2012
Woah! Janelle, where the hell have you been all week?!
Well guys & dolls, my laptop broke, catastrophically.
I wish I had taken a picture :/
Though never mind, all is well!

Sooo, I went to the amazing Victorian Christmas Fayre in Worcester on Thursday and had such a good time!

I got: a gingerbread chai tea from the Bluebird Co. tea stand.
A toffee apple.
Fuffle from Gaz @ Fudgeheaven. (It's his email address, lawls), on the fuffle stand. (Fuffle is a delightful, light, sweet mix of fudge and truffle. It's divine).
Fudge from one of the 4 fudge stands.
'Authentic' (because who knows if it is or not?) German mulled wine.
Aaaaand, I think that's it.
But don't let my meagre list of goodies phase you, the market is massive. It takes up the majority of the town centre. There's cheese stalls (omg, it's damn good cheese as well), handmade jewellery, handmade candles, sweets and confectionery, roasted chestnuts vendors, hot chocolate vendors, people selling mini pancakes and crepes and churros with a variety of toppings. That's just off the top of my head. There's a guy that sells handmade lip balms and soaps and stuff, there's blokes selling massive German Bratwurst hotdog sausage things. There's so much to go and see; there were guys on stilts, a chimney sweep on stilts, a guy on a penny farthing with a cracking top hat and moustache. Nearly all of the traders are in Victorian fancy dress. Seriously go and check it out!
Clearly from the picture, it's only a 4 day event, so get your skates on! Honestly, it's amazing.
My favourite part is the stunning Friar Street, it reminds me of Diagon Alley so much.
And with the Christmas-y atmosphere, it's spellbinding. As true as it is cliché and a bad pun, ha.

This post is appalling; it's rushed and all over the place but I really wanted to broadcast how amazing it is! Hopefully someone'll see this post and decide to have a gander.
Let me know if you do go and have a look.
Ooo! Has anyone been to the Birmingham German market yet? Tell me all about your festive shenanigans! :D

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