Monday, 19 November 2012

Haul-in' 'ell!

Monday, 19 November 2012
Hey guys & dolls! As indicated by the title, it's haul time! :D

I'm not even going to lie; I went a bit crazy - well, for me anyway - and ended up with 2 jumpers, a pair of shoes, 2 nail varnishes, an eye shadow palette, 3 candles, a skirt and a hair product! Wowza!
Without further ado, let's get on with the show!

The market where I live is amazing, so always check yours out! You never know what spectacular bargains you might find!


The pictures don't really do them justice, so just to break it down: cream-coloured cable knit jumper on the left, and a sparkly, black top with cut-out sleeves on the right.
And the best news yet? They were only £1 each.
Markets are amazing.
Let me warn you though, they do have that gross, musty Charity Shop smell, so wash before you wear!

I did a little digging around in Primark and found this beauty...
Blergh, atrocious photography. It's a black and white 'houndstooth' print, knitted skirt, perfect to keep my bum warm during Winter! God Bless Primark and it's sale as I got this for £3 instead of the RRP of £8

Also in Primark, I gave into this little treasure...

It's the Hask Argan Oil that a lot of people have been talking about. I've seen it in Primark a few times and scoffed at it, but apparently it's the same as the expensive stuff we all wish we could afford, just at a tiny price. While I doubt that's completely true, for only £2.50 I decided I'd give it a go. I've used it twice so far, and I adore it. It smells like lemon cake batter and leaves my hair feeling silky and soft. I've never tried any Moroccan Oil so I have nothing to compare it too, but I like it do far! Full review coming soon ;)

We've done hair, so Makeup and Nails next?

I kid you not, everyone has been talking about the MUA Undressed palette, claiming that it's an amazing dupe for the prestigious Urban Decay Naked palette, so naturally I had to get my hands on one, especially as it's only £4 (£3 in some stores) from Superdrug. Again, I don't own the Naked palette so I have no personal experience with how the two compare, however for more information check out Do Not Refreeze's post on it! However I will be posted a full review soon!

Pink Planet and the 'Clear' Sparkle Touch polishes by Miss Sporty are two great shades that I've had my eye on for a while.

They're marvellously student-friendly at a mere £1.99 each and they look beautiful together.
The Sparkle Touch is mostly just a clear polish with silver and blue glitter, but there are tiny pieces of pink glitter too, which really compliments the metal pink of the Pink Planet.

Okay, you can barely - if at all - see the pink in the glitter, but it's still pretty.

Shoes time!
I've been shopping around for some Creepers for forever but was really reluctant to pay the retailing prices for them. So alas, I went back to my hometown and took a trip to an excellent shop called Hypnotic where they mostly sale warehouse cuts and ex-stock of big chain stores like Topshop and River Island, however nothing in there costs more than £7.99, shoes included.
(Ugh, the joys of blogging at night, I swear) So yes, you would be right in assuming that I got these babies for a beautifully tiny £7.99
Who's a happy bunny? I am!

Last but not least: Candles!

Ahh, the infamous Yankee Candle! And another miscellaneous one that smells divine.

Blissful Autumn smells like the musky sweet, fruitiness of a damn pear orchard. It's the more refreshing side of sweet and I cannot get enough of it. As soon as I smelt it I was like; I have to buy this, now.
Red Velvet smells like delicious, soft, velvety vanilla cake. In my opinion it smells just like the vanilla cupcake, just a little stronger for some more indulgence!
Both of these samples cost me £1.80 each from House of Fraser and claim to burn for 18 hours!

The Starlytes candle I got is called 'Vanilla Créme' and also smells like Yankee's Vanilla Cupcake! But get this - it only cost me a pound! It supposedly burns for 25 hours and for 99p, it was a steal. It smells just like the vanilla-y, buttery, creaminess of Vanilla Cupcake. I got from a shop called Discount Store UK, I dunno if it's a chain store, but keep a look out! I'll check if they're in Poundland and let you know!

Wow, I didn't half whip through that!
Let me know in the comments what bargains you've recently found in a Charity shop/Thrift store/Market stall, or your thoughts about the Undressed palette, or even what candles you're loving at the moment! Anything and everything!

Thanks for reading! :D

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