Friday, 9 November 2012

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Freebies!

Friday, 9 November 2012
I'm sure by now everyone in the makeup circle has heard of Maybelline's latest complexion makeup collection; the Fit Me range.
If anyone spends an obscene amount of time on the interwebs (i.e. me! :P) you've probably already heard/read/seen our American friends talk about this range, though it is finally purchase able in sunny ol' England at a Superdrug/Boots near you!

It comes in a million twelve different shades - even though actually I've seen videos on Youtube claiming that there are 17 shades, however I think that might only be in the USA - and the gel formula is designed to mould and shape it self to your skin tone.

 The handy thing about this collection is that there is a series of concealers and pressed powders tailor made to fit the shade of foundation you are and thus your skin tone. Huzzah! Thank you Maybelline for cutting out so much leg work on our behalf! I mean, I don't know it it works or not, but I definitely appreciate the sentiment anyway! :)

As far as I'm aware (I was in Superdrug today, tehe) the foundation retails at £7.99, and there is also a concealer and a pressed powder available retailing at between £5 and £7.

And now for the fun stuff!
Again, Maybelline done good, yo! The absolute gems that they are are giving away free samples of the Fit Me foundation on their website, which you can find via this link here. A couple of the fairest shades are out of stock, as well as most of the medium shades, but go and take a look anyway!

If you're unsure of your shade, like I was, take a stroll down to Boots/Superdrug and swatch the product on your jawline - like I did - then rush home (or better still use your excellent pimped out 3G enabled smart phone and do it in the shop) and register for your free sample!

It sounds like a load of effort, but that's only because I waffle on a bit, sorry! 
I've heard a load of mixed reviews about this foundation so I figured I might as well try the freebie and see what happens!

If you order one, let me know how the experience is for you!

- XO

DISCLAIMER: The photo used above is NOT mine, I pinched it of google images, don't shout at me!

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