Saturday, 10 November 2012

Seasonal Tag 1: I ♥ Fall

Saturday, 10 November 2012
Undoubtedly everyone and their grandma has seen this floating around YouTube since the beginning of October, when and where the lovely Jenny started the trend! Now despite me a) being late as hell with this, and b) as of today being officially into the swing of Christmas and Winter, I'm gonna do the I ♥ Fall tag!!

1. Favourite Fall Lipstick?
Mac Frosted Lipstick in Musky Amethyst.
I have been going on about this lipstick aaaall autumn and for good reason! It fits in with the whole oxblood theme that everyone has been going nuts for, but it's more on the purple side to add a little individuality. It's creamy and soft and smells delicious. Perfect.

2. Favourite Fall Nail Polish?
At the beginning of fall I was reaching for my Bloom Nail Polish in Millie.
I also went wild for the whole oxblood thing it seems, but nail polish is exquisite. It's a deep, dark red that I just wore to death for pretty much the whole of October.
For the last fortnight or so I've been reaching for more metallic polishes, specifically Gun Metal by Beauty UK.
It's just a pretty dark, metallic grey that I've been so drawn to. I don't even know what's so special about it, but I really like it!

3. Favourite Starbucks Fall drink?
Okay, so I got really excited about trying a Pumpkin Spice Latte this year, however every single Starbucks I went to wasn't selling it! Ugh! So instead my reach-for drink has been a luxurious Caramel Macchiato,
 which I dump a load of cinnamon in to give it a more Autumn-y kind of taste, as I love cinnamon and ginger spices this time of year!

4. Favourite Fall Candle?
I can't afford Yankee Candles (sad face) so we're settling for some Airwick in Mulled Wine and Cinnamon Apple.
I kid you not, this stuff smells like Christmas and Autumn and spice and apples and happiness all rolled into one. It's honestly spectacular. It comes in an air freshener as well so you better believe I have 2 of those as well!

5. Favourite Fall Scarf or Accessory?
I have a badass extra long, knitted scarf in a beautiful burnt orange colour. I got it from Primark last winter but was scared of wearing in because of how bright it is! Now I love it! (Pics soon ;))

6. Haunted house, corn maze or hay ride?
.... They have some crazy stuff in America, huh? Neither! I would literally curl up in a ball and then have nightmares for the remainder of the year. No thanks!

7. Favourite Halloween movie?
It's not even scary, nor did it even come out at Halloween, however my favourite film to watch at this time of year is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone. 
I think maybe because of the iconic 'THERE'S A TROLL!! IN THE DUNGEON!!' declaration from Professor Quirrell during the Halloween feast, as well as all the magic. *shrug.

8. Favourite candy to eat on Halloween?
Toffee Apples! No doubts about it! Those things are deliiiiiicious!

9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
I was The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, kind of more the Tim Burton version. (pics sooooon!)

10. What is your favourite thing about Fall?
As well as all of the above, I just love how beautiful it looks outside when all the leaves are turning orange and red, but still on the trees. Burnt, deep oranges are on of my favourite colours so I guess that's it for me!

Gee, that was fun!
If you haven't done it yet; I TAG YOU!

- XO

Disclaimer: Pictures aren't mine; my camera is broke! :(

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