Friday, 12 December 2014


Friday, 12 December 2014

So I didn't blog yesterday, mostly because I didn't feel like it. Daily blogging is exhausting. I have so much new-found respect for people who write and publish a blog post every single day, and for those who film, edit and publish a video every single day. It's different if you schedule your posts or videos so you can spend a whole day, for example, taking photos and writing up 7 blog posts, and then schedule them to be published over the month. But for those who publish daily content, every single day, you are marvellous. My thumbnail today is highlighting that I'm not keeping up with my advent calendar, either. I haven't opened the windows from the 10th or 11th either. Oops.
This is verging on not even being a blog post. I hate it when bloggers who "blog daily" publish a post that's like "it snowed today, here's a picture, thanks for reading!". That's not a blog post, that's an Instagram post on the wrong platform. So I'll try and add something interesting for the sake of my own pet peeves.


Oh I know!
I spend a lot of time, probably too much time, watching Youtube videos and wishing I wasn't such a lazy coward and could make Youtube videos myself. I watch so many different people, who showcase everything from Minecraft videos to Makeup tutorials. So, here's a few of my favourite Youtubers, in no particular order.

1. SHEP689
The sweetest and funniest gay couple ever who daily vlog. I've been subscribed to them for over 2 years and they're great. They have the cutest dog called Dobby and aery8wofiuwuadhgfgh relationship goals.

If ya don't know who Jaclyn Hill is, get out from whatever rock you've been living under. She's an incredible and hilarious MUA from Florida. I wished she uploaded more because her content is amazing. Did I mention she's stunning? There's literally no need.

Jarmaine is a beauty guru and I wasn't going to include her because I don't watch her videos that often, but I just watched her latest video and she's bloody hilarious. 

David and Andrew Fung are Chinese-American brothers who make videos about what it means to be Asian including the most delicious food you have ever seen in your life. I subscribed for the food; I want it all.

Patricia is a beautiful and hilarious beauty blogger from London. She's so pretty and her videos are so informative and she's based in Britain so she often talks about and uses products that are available in the UK. Yay for that!!!!!

Okay before this list gets suuuper long, I'm going to stop. In fact, I may publish a series of blog posts detailing all of my favourite Youtubers, and organise them buy category. Maybe.

Anyway I'm out, PEACE.

Thanks for reading, xo.

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