Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Wednesday, 31 December 2014
Another year has flown by so fast; I can't believe that it's almost 2015! Y'all know that I don't post  this late at night, but I was suddenly inspired to make this post and I'm trying to get it up as quickly as possible so anyone who is interested in these bargain items can run out and grab them in time for their New Year's Eve celebrations! 

Collection Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner
These little beauties are perfect for adding a little pop of glamour and fun to any eye look, with minimal fuss. They come in a huge variety of colours though for some bizarre reason I only own the three shades pictured which are (L-R) Dig It!, Rock Chick and Hustle. The glitters in these eyeliners have been loaded tenfold into a clear gel base that leaves all the room in the world for the glitter to rock the show. They dry super fast and are pretty good at staying in place.
Hustle is a beautiful mix of silver, purple and blue which in turn creates a multi-faceted pewter glitter. 
Dig It! is a mix of black and gold litter which is great layered over a black eyeliner, but I find it's even better on it's own so the black glitter can really pop.

Rock Chick is a mix of black and silver glitter, which I find is interchangeable with Dig It depending on the look you're going for. I feel that Rock Chick is more complimentary with cool eye shadow looks, and Dig It! works best with warmer eye shadow looks. But that's just my humble opinion. 

Collection Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner - £2.99 (link), (link)
Note: Boot's online selection is disgraceful so you might have better luck in store. 

Barry M Nail Paint
(L-R) Red Glitter, Copper, Countess, Amethyst Glitter
Red Glitter and Amethyst Glitter look fab layered over other solid colour nail polishes, Copper looks awesome layered over a solid colour nail polish but also holds its own alone, and Countess is a textured, glittery nail polish which looks phenomenal on its own.

 Copper - a clear base with gold and yellow fine or micro-glitter. This photo is pretty terrible but I deliberately included it as you can see how the light has caught the gold and orange tones of the glitters beautifully.

Red Glitter - need I say any more? A clear base with some seriously bright red glitter. Wonderfully festive.

Countess - I literally don't have the words to describe the wonder and glory of this nail polish so I'll just let the photo do the talking. It's my favourite of the bunch, by the way.

Amethyst Glitter - a clear base that is whole to a whole rainbow of hexagonal glitters. I love this one because there really is so many different colours so it can be layered over almost anything. 

Barry M Nail Paint - £2.99/£3.99 (link), (link)

A wonderfully long and picture heavy post that I hope you've enjoyed! 
I wish everyone a very, very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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