Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Tuesday, 9 December 2014
This afternoon I went to see my the Christmas play at the school that my little brother goes to. He's only 7 and in year 2 so it was sweet and heart-warming more than anything. Children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 all took part in reading their lines, singing songs and doing little dance routines, and I actually enjoyed myself. As I went to the same Primary school that my brother goes to I felt a little nostalgic about the Christmas plays I did at that school, and I really wish I had a nice embarrassing picture of me dressed up as an Angel to slap on my blog. However, as I don't even think I have any photos of a 7 year old me sparkling on stage, I have nothing but memories to share. The play that my brother took part in was nothing like the traditional nativity plays that we did when I was his age, and it's really highlighted how much has changed over the past decade (and a half, crikey). I've used a photo from an old blog post, back when my blog was even more of a baby than it is now. A fetus, maybe. And I thought I'd share a couple of the carols that I used to sing when I was barely out of nappies, braving the icy winds with the rest of the Brownies to sing at the Old People's Homes, or when I was singing in the school choir at assembly, or of course in the Christmas play. I was a good little brown-noser!

Little Donkey

It Was on A Starry Night

Away in a Manger

I only picked three because I'm trying to keep things short and sweet around here, because you know me I could ramble for weeks. I hoped you enjoyed my selection of Christmas carols and if you're old enough, I hope they brought a little nostalgia to you, too.
It's probably still too early, but Merry Christmas!

Thanks for reading, xo.

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