Thursday, 4 December 2014

BLOGMAS | DAY 4 - MAMA 2014 Performances

Thursday, 4 December 2014
This is a different post for me an it won't be everyone's cup of tea, I love Korean music so it's about time I featured some on my blog really.
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The MAMA in the Mnet Asian Music Awards, hosted by the company Mnet which is the MTV of South Korea. That might be an opinion not a fact but we're going to run with it. It's an annual awards show which hosted at the very beginning of December, this years' date being the 3rd December. Unfortunately I didn't get to watch the live stream, which I did last year so I just watched the performances of the Artists that I was most excited to see.

1. Taeyang & G Dragon
Two of my favourite mainstream artists performed their latest single "Good Boy", which doesn't exactly blow my mind in terms of music artistry, but it's a catchy tune with a good beat. Taeyang can strut around topless all he likes though, hello hot stuff. I enjoyed GD's opening rap a lot. He always ups the anti at award shows and I had a good time shaking my tail feather. Once again, they rounded up their performance with Big Bang's biggest song, Fantastic Baby. I'm not being funny, it's an amazing song, but it's also nearly 3 years old. Can we have some new material please and thank you?

2. Winner/Epik High, Mino, Bobby & B.I
Winner are YG's latest prodigy and are doing extremely well for themselves. This performance was a little lacklustre, but it's a pretty melancholic song. Having said that it didn't move me in any way or anything. Their vocals were on point though, oh wow. YG Family like to collaborate together and this one is awesome collaboration let me tell you. Old rappers come together with new artists, some that haven't even debuted yet (B.I & Bobby) , to perform their latest single Born Hater which swept the charts a few weeks ago and is a great example of the true artistry that lurks the halls of the YG building.

3. BTS & Block B

 Okay get yo'self comfortable for this one. BTS are my faaaaaavourite group at the moment. Seriously if you want me to spend 5 hours telling you how great they are and how all their songs are awesome then I can do so. But if you're new to Korean hip hop/Kpop then it might not make much sense to you. I digress; they're amazing. So the best band of the year BTS collaborated with Block B, who I'm not that found of, and did a whole rap battle-dance battle-performance battle thing. Which was really bloody cool. J Hope's dance solo was one of my favourite parts of the performance. That, and Jimin ripping his shirt off. Can we take a minute to appreciate the abs and then later on the fur and the Galliano boxers? Okay. Also, Zico (he's wearing that delicious, black fur coat) obviously slaayed Rap Monster (who looks so good with his red hair and white suit) in the little rap battle that they had, but that it literally because RM did the wrong song. If he had done Cypher, trust me they would have been up their for hours. Having said that Zico is one of the hottest rappers in South Korea, musically - even though he's pretty fine, so there's that. The easiest way to tell them apart; BTS are wearing all-white and Block B are in black and white. You're welcome.

4. EXO

This year as been a terrible year for Exo as two of their members have left, but they still gave a great performance. I loved Tell Me What is Love (the 2nd song) which I find they don't perform all the time. The main vocalist on that one is my favourite (bias) of the group, so that helps. It was really so good though; the dancing, the vocals, the visuals. There was actually live singing as well which is a rarity for Exo. Obviously, I really enjoyed. Black Pearl (the first song) was okay, just the miming, ugh, can we not. I do love the song though! I'm not going to spend much time on this but I'm so goddamn mad that Kai performed barefoot. I don't give a damn about whatever bullshit excuses SM Entertainment have for why he had to do it but that is dangerous and after at 3 (off the top of my head) popular and well-known artists have left your company for the bullshit that you've been screwing them over with you should have stepped it up. Okay that's it because I've already mentioned the miming, moving on... Also, Hoon/Bobby/Mino/B.I (they're sat in that order) getting their groove on was hilarious and probably the highlight of the Exo performance, and they're not even in the same company. YG forever stealing the show.

5. BTS

Look, here they are again. I told you they were my favourites. This performance of one of their newest singles, Danger, wasn't spectacular, but their wardrobe was! Can we talk about those bright red, spandex trousers? Or the Metallic and Iron Maiden tops I see? Or just the layering and the colour scheme in general? Everything is good except for Suga's hair (braids? really?). I really like BTS, I'm kind of giddy with pride at the moment, they're doing so well! Okay, fan girling over.

6. Dok2, Bobby, The Qquiett, & Masta Wu

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't expecting the MAMAs to be so "turnt up" this year, but this was an awesome performance. I really like Dok2 (it's pronounced Dok-ee and he's wearing white) and I really, really like Bobby (he's wearing all black and opens the song) so I enjoyed shaking my tail feather to this too. Can we talk about Bobby's bone structure for a sec, oh my god.

These were the performances that I enjoyed most, or really gave a damn about. 2NE1 would have been up here too but they weren't at the awards show this year, which sucks. Also, I get that this doesn't have anything to do with Christmas, or whatever else Blogmas should be about, other than the show airs in December. But I said I'd do more "Life" posts, and this is one of them. This post is also waaay longer than I intended it to be, sorry! I'm still working on that "not rambling" thing. Any way I'm going to shut up now.

Thanks for reading, xo.

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