Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Wednesday, 17 December 2014
I love burning candles, especially at this festive time of year, so here's my handful of favourite scents. They're all from Yankee Candle, surprise!
(heavy sarcasm, in case ya didn't know).

I am a massive believer in wax melts and tarts, I think they're awesome because they're in expensive so you can experiement with scents to your heart's desire without breaking the bank, and because they're great for mixing scents together without having to be burning 4 candles at a time. You can just crumble a chunk of whichever scents you decide to use into your oil burner. You still have ample wax left to melt and you can mix as many scents together as you like without the fuss of burning a lot of candles at the same time. I've said that twice now, for reiteration. 

I much prefer food-y scents to fresh or fruity scents and I think that's because I have such a sweet tooth, I'm insanely addicted to cookies and pastries and the like. So melting edible-smelling is like heaven to me because my room often smells like a bakery, without the fuss of actually baking. Who knew I was such a fan of cutting corners!

Christmas Treats - link
[These must be in-store only because I can only find links to the jars online]
I get this melt on a regular basis from Asda. I'm stocking up for next year as well because we all know how Yankee candle like to discontinue their scents without a word of notice. Christmas Treats smells a lot like Snowflake Cookie, which is like Christmas Cookie but less nutty. Christmas Treats is fresher than both of these though, and a little less sweet. So it smells more like iced cookies than like cookie batter, if that makes sense.

Merry Marshmallow - link
I mentioned earlier that Yankee Candle casually discontinue scents and don't always tell you, this is one of those scents. Merry Marshmallow is an even lighter sweet scent. It has a very marshmallow-y scent but it's a little fresher which balances the sweetness and makes the scent a tad cooler. 

Snowflake Cookie - link
Snowflake Cookie is Christmas Cookie's cuter sister, in my opinion. They smell very similar, but this one is a lot sweeter and creamier than Christmas Cookie and isn't as nutty or as warm. When I say nutty I mean something like almonds; sweet nutty; not peanuts. 

Christmas Cookie - link
This was the Christmas scent that started it all for me. If you like seriously sweet, warm vanilla, almondy (nutty) fragrances, than this one is for you. It really does smell like marzipan sugar cookies. Which if isn't a thing we need to make it one, because that sounds delicious. Pass me a bib, I'm salivating.

Christmas Memories - link
I've slapped this one right at the bottom because it's nothing like any of the scents I've already mentioned. This one is spiced with cinnamon and cloves and ginger and it's warm and delicious. It's still very sweet-smelling, though I can't imagine you're surprised, but it's in a league of it's own due to the spice. If you're a fan of mixing your fragrances, mix this one with Christmas Treats or Christmas Cookie. You can thank me later.

That's all folks! Thanks for sticking with me this far and Merry Christmas!
It's the bloody 17th, okay. Less than 10 days till Christmas, I can wish you seasons greetings because it's finally late enough in the month. Awesome.

Thanks for reading, xo.

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