Saturday, 22 December 2012

It's Looking A Lot Like Christmas!

Saturday, 22 December 2012
That, is all the presents & décor I have bought this year!
And the star on the tree? It all came up to £69.42, which sounds like a lot but honestly it's a bargain.

I was inspired by meghanrosette and wanted to show off what I'd bought my family for Christmas!
Aaaand, handily enough, you can also use this as a last minute gift guide if you so wish!
There's a few goodies for myself in there, as well as one or two things that were bought for me.
Plus one or two items that scream Christmas at me, that I had to share!
So let's get into it!

These are the presents that I got for my mum!
She works in a Primary School and spends so much time washing her hands and cleaning things, that her hands are  really dry and can crack and get really sore. So Janelle to the rescue ;)
1. I got her an Almond Hand Cream set which  comes with the cream, a nail file, a nail buffer and a nail clipper.It's literally the perfect little gift for someone who needs/likes to take care of their hands. (£8 from The Body Shop sale)
2. To add a little extra to the hand care gift, I got her a trio of NYC nail varnishes in Manhattan, Chelsea & Fashion Ave Fuchsia (L-R). (3 for 2 at Superdrug, or £1.79 each).
3. Also in addition to the hand care I got her a little tub of Nivea cream to pop in her hand bag. (£1 from Poundland, but also available at Boots/Superdrug and most chemists for varied prices).
4. I've blogged about the Vanilla Crème Starlytes candle a billion times, and my mum took a shine to them too! I came across a jar-sized version of it and snapped it up quick! (£1 from Poundworld).
5. A snazzy claw hair clip that the Universe sprung upon me! (30p from Superdrug).
6. The Dark version of a Terry's Chocolate. Because she loves them, ha. (£1.79 from WHSmith)

My mum was a genuine breeze to buy for. I knew exactly what to get her so it was pretty much stress free.
My brother on the other hand...
Despite being 5 years old, I find him pretty tricky to buy for!
Which is how he ended up with vests! Lol.
No, but he does need some new ones!
1. 2 Thermal Vests & 3 Sleeveless Vesta (both from Primark; Thermal - £3.50, Sleeveless - £2.50).
2. The Lion King Book & CD. In all fairness, this is me trying to influence him as this is the greatest film ever. (£2.99 The Works sale).
3. Tube of Smarties. You can't go wrong with chocolate, and he's 5. (£1 from Poundworld).
4. The Fireman Sam colouring book comes with 60 different designs, as well as a pack of crayons, and he loves Sam. (99p from Discount UK).

 I wasn't going to buy for anyone else, but I grabbed a couple of things for my Auntie on a complete whim.
I actually only got her the clip as a stocking filler, but my mum insisted on the earrings as well.
I might find her a bracelet to complete the package. *shrug.
1. Claw hair clip, as above. (30p from Superdrug).
2. Hoop earrings from/by Wallis. (£2.50 in the Wallis sale in BHS). 

Naturally there were a few things that Santa decided to slip under the tree for me...
Okay, I'm inclined to believe that I bought more than this, but *shrug, I can't remember!
1. Redvines. These were virtually impossible to purchase in store, but a lovely sweet shop near my has started selling them! Needless to say I bought three packets of my favourite licorice! (£1.99 per packet in Jessica's).
2. ButterLONDON Lips and Tips sets. Woah, hold the phone! I need to make a whole post about these because omg do I have information! I got West End Wonderland and Rosie Lee (L-R). (£9.99 each from TKMaxx. I know right!).
3. Claw hair clip - not pictured, cos I'm a melon. (30p from Superdrug).
4. Last but not least, I got myself another Starlytes jar candle as well! (£1 from Poundworld).

Woah, that's a lot of presents! I usually by 2-3 things for others, and nothing for myself!
But to see how all out I really went, we should get into décor.
These decorations are so cute! They come with some gold string so you can hang them on your tree or wherever. I got a little creative and stuck mine to my bedroom wall, and then my mum bought some and hung them in the archway in our hallway. They're so glittery and festive! (£1 from Discount UK).

Mini Christmas trees! I dunno, they're just adorable! Plus more glitter! They even have little stars on top! (£1 each from Discount UK).

I'm turning into some kind of candle junkie. In the background we have more Starlytes candles. It's a set of 4 festive candles including Cinnamon Sticks, Ginger Cookies, Snowcapped Pine and of course Vanilla Crème (L-R).  They all smell true to their name, without being overpowering. Scrumptious! (BOGOF at £3.99 from The Works)
In the foreground I have my Yankee Candle Wax Tarts! I haven't melted them yet because I still can't find an affordable oil burner, but I'm trying! I've blogged about them here, they smell delicious! (£1.25 each from House of Fraser).
Lastly, there is a random candle from Primark called 'Boughs of Holly'. It reminds me of a Yankee Candle that I can't remember the name of (oops) as it has an apple-y fragrance to erit. Red Wreath, maybe? *shrug. Anyway, I burnt this badboy for three hours and it gave me a headache, though I've been burning Ginger Cookies for just as long with no side affects. It's crazy what different ingredients can do. Regardless, it smells yummy and it looks cute as well. (£1 from Primark).

Wrapping Paper!!! Despite my theme this year being gold and glittery, I couldn't leave this stuff in the shop.
(£1 per roll from Discount UK).

And last but not least...
TINSEL! I bought 4 bunches of this stuff, totalling eight metres. I guess I got a little carried away! It ties it with my gold theme without looking tacky (somehow, lol). A sprig of tinsel adds so much extra festive cheer,  it's effortless. (£1 per bunch from Poundworld).

Phew! I'm done!
I'll put pictures of my room up as soon as I've tidied it, as well as pictures of my living room & hallway.
Seen anything you like the look of? Let me know!
Thanks for reading :)

Note: The few links that I could find, I have included for reference only. Please don't try and order anything for Christmas, as there's no way you'll get it in time!

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