Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Review-Day Tuesdsay #3: MUA Every Lash Mascara

Tuesday, 4 December 2012
Apologies for the shabby photography!
I'm a bit of a night owl so all my blogging gets done in the dark, hence the ghetto lighting.
Again, sorry!

MUA Every Lash Volume and Lengthening Mascara in Waterproof Black

(See, ghetto photography!)

I'm in such a love-hate relationship with this.
Things I love: 1. It's part of the MUA Professional range, and it's still 'affordable' at only £3. 2. It has a slim, plastic applicator. Those massive brushes like Rimmel's Scandal Eyes are not for moi! 3. Despite it's price, the formula isn't as thin as I was expecting from past experience with low-end mascaras (I'm looking at you Collection 2000!) 4. I don't usually go for waterproof mascaras as they're wax-based which isn't great for your eyelashes, but because of the measly price I was worried about smudging. Lo and behold, we are smudge-free. Boom.

Things I hate: 1. It's got a weird smell. It smells a bit like apples and a lot like chemicals - not cool. 2. It claims to volumise (which apparently isn't a word..) the lashes but I don't see it. 3. Maybe it's me, but I have to use a very, very, light hand with this, and coat on multiple, thin layers to prevent my eyelashes clumping together. I don't do anything carefully, I just like to whack on and go, which this product doesn't let me do!

About the lengthening... I have reasonably long lashes anyway so I don't think I'm seeing any more length, it's just defining the length I already have if that makes sense.

I think this is a great emergency product. If your holy grail has gone dry and/or clumpy and you need mascara on your lashes now(which is what happened with me), this is a good one. I guess it'd be a great permanent addition to your make up collection as well, though just not for me.
Also if you're severely lacking in the eyelash department, or are a bit of a beginner, this is a good mascara to get you going without breaking the bank.

Overall Verdict: It's hit and miss really. It's alright for £3, but I'll only repurchase if it's an emergency.

Have you tried this mascara before? Let me know your thoughts and feelings about it!
Thanks for reading :)

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